Skid steer racks

Skid Steer Rack 2B24 - Raw Steel
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haul it all

Safely load and carry two buckets, an auger, and three auger bits (one 12”, one 18”, and one 24”) on one skid that can go to and from the trailer without laying a hand on an attachment. Safety first, easy second, but we think you’ll like both.


From Warehouse to job site

Our skids are designed to receive 4” forks through the pockets for the ultimate in stability when carrying it offroad, but we also put transverse tubes in place to make sure a standard warehouse forklift could move it around the shop or parking lot.


hinged shackles

Put the auger bit right in the socket, swing the hinge away, and you’re ready to go. No more wrestling, and best of all, no more strapping auger bits down on the trailer and manhandling an auger on and off the trailer. We all know how fun that is.